Monday, November 7, 2011

Trestle Inn

The Trestle Inn is, simply put, a very cool joint.  It boasts a decent beer list, and impressive whiskey list, and decent food to boot.  The decor is perfect. 

Large video projections of black and white go-go dancers play on the wall in the background.  They might make your grandparents blush, but this place is for guys and gals.

Happy hour has some decent specials, $3 Whiskey Sours are the deal.  Some of the other prices, like $7 per oz of Jamison, are flat-out criminal.  The snack plate, with little meat and veggie bites, is a near perfect appetizer and/or bar snack. 

I remember when this was a dirty, shady bar serving underage Temple students.  Other than the storefront, everything has changed.

Bottom Line:  Trestle Inn is swank.  That fact alone will bring hordes of people, including me, back again and again.

@11th and Callowhill.

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